AutoComp Elite®

The Hunter AutoComp Elite® On-Car Brake Lathe system keeps your brake service a cut above the rest. The AutoComp Elite® Brake Lathe system was the first to introduce Hunter’s revolutionary Anti-Chatter Technology to provide a smoother surface finish. The AutoComp Elite® Brake Lathe virtually eliminates the buildup of vibration (chatter) that can occur when machining rotors at a fixed speed.

The AutoComp Elite® On-Car Brake Lathe can service each rotor in less than nine minutes, and also utilizes exclusive precision machining and Hunter’s patented Variable-Speed Drive System to service rotors at the fastest possible speed without sacrificing quality.


Automatic Compensation

Directly determines compensation and eliminates ‘wandering’

Anti-Chatter Technology

Oscillates machining speed to prevent buildup of vibration

Touchscreen Interface

Intuitive touchscreen interface simplifies lathe operation & ‘On the job” training built into the tablet interface

Variable-Speed Drive System

Avoid differential lock-ups by cutting at lower speed

Productivity Technology

Faster than other methods

Direct compensation averages under 12 seconds, versus up to two minutes with wandering compensation

Accurate every time

Direct compensation exceeds the most stringent OE requirements

Smoother surface finish

Anti-chatter technology varies spindle speed keeping chatter-inducing vibration from starting

Eliminate silencer bands

No hazardous bands, clips or silencer belts needed to control vibration

Powerful Motor

Powerful motor eliminates the need to drop driveshafts

Locking differentials are easy

Variable speed capability avoids locking differential speed on trucks and performance vehicles

Trucks are easy

Reverse rotation lets you cut rotors on vehicles with high driveline drag