The Automotive Service Sector of Pakistan offers tremendous business opportunities for small, medium or large investments with un-matched returns when compared to similar investment in any other sector.

Today you can have your own business for as low as Rs 300,000. For example an EFI diagnostic shop can be started with this amount with a monthly earning potential of Rs 25,000 and up!

For existing workshops, ASKARI Bank Rawalpindi and Islamabad is now offering equipment leasing programs. This program is offered through ENERCON, The National Energy Conservation Center, Islamabad.

Please review the following list of businesses that you can start today. Let us know about your interest, our professional staff will be too pleased to assist you in selecting he right location for your busniess, training you on use and application of the equipment and getting your business started.

We offer you our expertise in the following fields:

  • Tyre shop
  • Wheel alignment shop
  • EFI diagnostic shop
  • Engine Tune-up and EFI diagnostic shop
  • CNG vehicle tune-up using 4 gas analyzer
  • Brake Disc alignment shop
  • Suspension & brake disc alignment shop
  • Lube shop
  • Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchanger & Lube shop
  • Car AC shop
  • Body Repair and Paint Shop
  • Car Body Frame aligner facility (for rent to other Body workshops)
  • Paint Booth facility (for rent to other Body workshops)
  • 1S & 2S dealership for Toyota, Honda, Suzuki
  • 3S dealership (complete turnkey projects)