Midtronics EXP series expandable electrical diagnostic platform analyzers include several technology innovations and enhancements to provide unparalleled accuracy and decision-making. Key advancements available in the various EXP models include:

  • Dynamic conductance battery testing technology
  • Advanced diagnostics featuring Digital Signal Processing, DMM and scope functions
  • Conductance cable drop test
  • Enhanced communications capabilities
  • Superior user interface featuring a large graphical screen, icon-based menus, more complete explanations of testing results, scroll bar functionality, full alphanumeric keypad, and hot keys to improve logic and flow

Midtronics EXP-1000 Expandable Electrical Diagnostic Platform

Our most advanced hand-held electrical
diagnostic tool

The EXP-1000 Handheld Expandable Electrical System Tester enables you to accurately and decisively diagnose every part of the electrical system, from the battery to the starter and alternator.

  • Large, easy-to-read display
  • Advanced analyzer
  • Digital multimeter
  • Data management tool

Midtronics EXP-800 Battery & Electrical System Diagnostic Analyzer

EXP technology with integrated printer, designed for preventative maintenance programs

Building on advanced EXP technology with additional program management features and an integrated printer, the Midtronics EXP-800 sets the standard for professional battery and electrical preventative maintenance.

Make preventative maintenance part of your value-added solution, with great EXP-800 features including:

  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Compact size
  • Integrated printer

Midtronics EXP-1000 HD Heavy-Duty Expandable Electrical Diagnostic Platform

Fast, accurate testing for heavy-duty and
commercial applications

The EXP-1000 HD from Midtronics was created specifically to provide unparalleled accuracy and flexibility in heavy-duty commercial/fleet applications.

EXP-1000 HD products apply EXP technology to specific testing needs for this market, including:

  • Battery pack testing
  • Multiple battery system routines for up to 6 batteries
  • Special commercial battery algorithms
  • Application-specific test parameters for system and cable drop testing