Fuel Saver | Genius of the tank

Features and Benefits

How does SUPERTECH Genius of the Fuel Tank work?

Does This Fuel Saver Really Works?

Our “genius of the tank” weakens the inter-molecular bond of
the atoms which form the molecules H and C (hydrocarbons), of
which fuel is composed of, giving the possibility of a bigger and
better passage of the oxygen (comburent) which as
consequence gives a better and more complete combustion.
Therefore, what used to come out uncombusted under form of
gas (HC ppm) is now combusted and gives more kilometers!!

2. What does this product do?

Our “genius of the tank” optimises the combustion of vehicles
recovering that part of fuel that usually remained un-burnt,
(uncombusted hydrocarbons) now burning it and therefore
transforming it in…more kilometres!!

3. Why don’t Car Manufactures install it?

Car Manufacturers have always studied the engineering of the
ENGINE and they have never turned their attention towards
FUEL!! Our “genius of the tank” works INSIDE THE FUEL TANK
and therefore it is a after-market product. We think that no Car
Manufacturer could be interested in adopting a product which
extends vehicle’s life and reduces its servicing!!

4. How do I know I am saving fuel?

You should have data before and after installation of the Genius
of the tank. Use your trip meter whenever you fill up the tank.
Also the fuel consumption can be checked at the km/l feature.

Does it need service?

Its service life is longer than the warranty period and, very often, much
longer than the life of the vehicle, itself.
The product has a cable that allows its removal
and its installation in another vehicle.

It is time to save …not to waste !
• When we leave the light on, in an empty room, we waste money uselessly .
• Even when we fill up the fuel tank of our vehicle a part of that fuel comes out unburnt, not used.
• Supertech® transforms that same part of unburnt fuel into burnt, therefore helping you recover your money!


11 Universities
8 Government Entities
8 Independent Laboratories(Civil e Military)
18 Big Fleets – transport of goods
15 Big Fleets – transport of persons
1 Automotive Manufacturer
50+ countries!


Transform your Automobile Engine into a Tireless Athlete | Certified Fuel Saver for Bike and Cars




Discover our complete range of Supertech fuel treatment developed by our research and development team through innovation and cutting-edge technology.

SUPERTECH is a Certified Fuel Saver for Bike and Cars to improve fuel efficiency and prevent your engine from corrosion and mechanical wear. Hence, ensure a smooth ride, and uplifts your engine’s longevity.



Select the Right supertech fuel treatment for your Car


Incentives such as Carbon taxing or fuel price rise will not stop the average car rider, motorist or truck operator from polluting the atmosphere. There is an alternative step right here in front of us- Treat your engine with SUPERTECH, a Certified Fuel Saver for Bike and Cars.

 Adds Spirit to your Engine

1. Economical:
Motivate usable power and reduce fuel usage

Tested fuel saver kit for bike, car and truck: Fuel economy of the engine gets better every time

 2. Power Efficiency:
Donate increased power at lower RPM with Laboratory and road tested fuel saver kit

 3. Hydrate Engines:

This Laboratory and road tested saver trucks kit delivers a cleaner, smoother and better engine run and less wear and tear.


Helps to reduce maintenance and less use of fuel

 *Elevate life:
Ensure the quality of the engine and assert lifespan.

SUPERTECH has been examined over an infinite number of vehicles with a successful result rate of positive fuel reduction. Our team always practice test with Laboratory and road tested fuel saver kit and verified and supported the research development on Petrol, Diesel or any gasoline vehicle. Be it your bike or car, implement Tested fuel saver kit will not modify the engine and will not affect the warranty of the vehicle.


Offers solutions that remarkably lower fuel consumption, emissions and keep on maintaining the engine. This Laboratory tested fuel saver kit for car is a simple engineered solution for cars of every kind to improve combustion process. A solid immersion device, Tested fuel saver kit for bike functions within the hydrocarbon-driven engines (petrol or diesel) fuel tank of vehicles.

Reduce Fuel Consumption with Laboratory tested fuel saver kit for car

Tired of wasting in fuel? Would you like to save yourself from this hefty spending today? Certainly, you need to stop spending money and fuel.

Install the Laboratory and road tested saver trucks in your big vehicle and check the result. Easy to install and use, get it without the help of a mechanic.