The most flexible drive-through system
The drive-throughcarwash systems of ISTOBAL’sHEAVYWASHrange have been designed and developed taking into account the specific needs of transport companies and the carwash experience gained all along the years. This is why the two models in the range are compact, have a solid design and reliable mechanics, always ensuring an efficient result: 4HWD200 is especially intended for trolley buses and trams, and 4HWD300is ideal to meet the specific needs of different bus fleets.

Based on the drive-through system and driver interaction, both models have been designed with a focus on safety and comfort as maximum priorities, and both of them are extremely versatile as regards the configuration of the wash and the smooth and precise movement of the polyethylene brushes, always ensuring the best finish.


Developed by ISTOBAL, this model comes to complete our rollover family. A machine with the necessary equipment to achieve the quality and effectiveness demanded by the market. ISTOBAL’s most competitive model is surprising in many ways: aesthetics, mechanics and function. The model is intended to offer a quality simple wash. Designed with pure lines on the outside, the model is highly reliable technology-wise.


Car wash efficiency
Car wash efficiency is more than a concept. It is the result of bringing together quality, technology and performance into a single design. Here it is. M’START, the rollover developed by ISTOBAL. Client expectations fulfilled. An attractive image complemented with high technology and top features ensure a reliable operation. ISTOBAL M’STARToffers a car wash experience that leaves no one indifferent.

Tracer OH1

The first 100% European brushless wash based on the American touchlesshigh pressure wash philosophy.
Tracer OH1 is an overhead wash module with a system of pipes in an upside down “L” shape suspended from the mainframe to apply chemical products and high pressure water spray. This unique configuration means that the wash bay area is completely free of obstacles, and thus any type of vehicle can access it with ease and be washed by the user in complete safety.

Tracer OH1 combines the action of three variable frequency drives to control the speed of linear motion, lateral movement, and spin. All of these controls, managed by advanced software, result in a highly effective and rapid touchless wash, which also achieves significant savings when compared to other touchless systems. Tracer OH1 is flexible, too, offering a choice of options including various chemical sprays, waxes, foams, on-board drying,



M1 Istobal Car Wash


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