Compact on the outside.
Generous on the inside.

Slim and compact on the outside, roomy on the inside and also suitable for wide vehicles. With SofTecs gentle to paintwork brushes, special wheel wash brushes, foam and high pressure to satisfy the basic requirements of a good car wash. Reliable and low-maintenance.

SoftCare Pro Classic

Flexible. Reliable.
Low maintenance.

Flexibility in terms of the equipment. First-class performance when washing and drying. Attractive design variants. Perfectly coordinated functions and processes increase the washing speed and accordingly the sales. The optional Advanced Chemical System ACS for easy handling. Makes refilling the washing chemicals a doddle and avoids all risk of mix-ups and spillages.

SoftCare Pro Touchless

More functions for
greater enthusiasm.

SoftCare² Pro caters to all your customers’ needs. Whether insect removal, thorough wheel rim cleaning, powerful high pressure or perfect drying results – choose from numerous innovative functions and designs to offer your customers an exceptional washing experience.